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Follow the current with these new beach hair sprays!

Why you need some sea in your hair's life ASAP


Star Wars Takes Over The Runways

The Force is strong with these designers.

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Why Using Body Serum Is Absolutely Worth The Extra Step For Crazy Soft Skin

Double moisturizing the skin on my body was something that occurred to me after studying the Korean skincare regimen. By layering on products (such as lotions and body serums) by thickness, you pair humectant and occlusive products and make them work as a team. Translating this into body care means...

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Which Active Skincare Ingredients To Use For Daytime & Nighttime, Because It Totally Makes A Difference

When it comes to successful skincare techniques, knowing which active ingredients are best for your skin is the most important step. Active ingredients can make or break your skin, and when you use them incorrectly the stakes are high. One ingredient might work really well for your mom but cause...

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The Best SPF For Hair And Skin, Plus Sneaky Ways To Get Extra Sun Protection Into Your Beauty Routine

It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to start thinking about the best SPF for your hair and skin. There are so many ways to get that sun protection factor up in your grill that it’s beyond silly to skip, let alone unsafe! Protecting that beautiful bod from sun damage can...

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5 At Home Gel Nail Polish Top Coats & Kits That Actually Stay Shiny, Just Like A Professional Manicure

If you don’t want to contribute to the detriment of the beauty industry, doing your nails at home is an excellent way to protect nail workers from their crappy bosses. Luckily for us, there are plenty of at home gel nail polish top coats and kits on the market, some...

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BB & CC Cream For Hair Are The Next Beauty Product You Need To Be Obsessed With

Mixing more hair products together was like second nature to me in my hairstylist days. There’s no reason why you can’t have softness, shine, hold, repairing qualities, and humidity protection every time you style! All-in-one styling products make this possible to re-create at home — they’re...

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A DIY Face Oil Recipe You Can Customize To Fit All Your Unique Skin Needs

Oil is such a hot button issue, and with good reason. Many are still scared to put oil directly on their face, as it seems counterintuitive to what we used to know about skincare. If this applies to you, I must highly recommend this DIY face oil recipe — making...

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4 Girls Dish On Their Summer Poolside Style, From Entertaining Supplies To Sunnies To Swimsuits

While for most of us the days of long, responsibility-free summers are a thing of the past, there’s no denying that the season still brings a sense of fun and possibility that tends to go dormant during the colder months. There’s something about sunny days that don’t set until past...


Danielle Guercio | Bustle

A strange girl with a gold soul, Danielle was born in New York City and resides there today. Taste, smell, touch, sight and soundkilling are her superpowers, and  ......

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20 Beautiful Afropunk Street Style Superstars Describe Themselves In One Sentence — PHOTOS

The Brooklyn of lore is not the Brooklyn of mustaches, glassy condos, and artisanal cheeses. The Brooklyn of lore is the heart of hip hop culture, the vibrant center of Black American culture that The Notorious BIG rapped about and Spike Lee made movies about. Even as it’s people are...

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5 Bathroom Upgrades That'll Instantly Make It Look Like It Belongs To A Grown-Ass Woman

Living with roommates and being financially strapped can lead to some really heinous living situations, and necessary bathroom upgrades are usually what get sacrificed the most. It can be exceedingly hard to share a bathroom with someone; everything from sights to smells can ruin your grooming...

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I Tested Homemade Cream Cleansers For Hair Versus Their Luxury Counterparts

Whenever a new fad comes sweeping into beauty town, it can take awhile to decipher precisely what products and techniques work for you. Right now, cream cleansers for hair (also known as cleansing conditioners) are all the rage, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Plus, if you're...

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A Fashion Week Makeup Artist Recreated 2 Of NYFW's Best Beauty Looks On My Face

Often what separates the most striking and memorable Fashion Week beauty looks is the details. Clothes can be traditional or avant garde, but without well curated hair and makeup, they are unfinished ideas. So many talented people work tirelessly to execute a designer’s vision and extend it into...

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A DIY Oil Cleanser That Rinses Totally Clean With Water

One thing most skincare experts agree needs to be firmly planted in the "good for you" category is oils, especially when used for oil cleansing and moisturizing. However, when I first tried the oil cleansing method (OCM) for a few months, I didn’t get the breakthrough I was hoping for....